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We are specialists in aerial work with UAVs, spatial data, geographic information systems and geodesy. Want to know more?

The primary product in the form of an online web map application with a number of advanced GIS tools and functionalities.

Specialized modern product for demanding GIS users. The map environment is supplemented with measurable data from scanning and photogrammetry for efficient management and digitization.

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We provide quality outputs created by professionals in the field of geoinformatics, geodesy and 3D data processing.

Mapping, photogrammetry, scanning and measuring with geodetic instruments is the basis for good results.


Orthophoto map in high resolution in the S-JTSK coordinate system created according to applicable regulations and standards.

Multispectral image

Indexed map in high resolution for analytical purposes, thermal image and NDVI data for evaluating the state of vegetation and other tasks.

Point cloud

Dense point field containing coordinates, heights and RGB data in millimeter accuracy created by aerial and ground scanning.

GIS analysis and studies

Advanced analytical activities and products in the field of geographic information systems.

Satellite images

We deliver data based on long-term partnerships with major commercial satellite operators.

Measurement and documents

Geodetic measurement using GPS and total station, topography, geometric plans and consulting for all types of tasks.



An advanced LiDAR tool for true professionals. Suitable for measuring short but also longer range from a height of up to 300m.


Basic LiDAR solution for short range measurement. Due to its low price, it is very economical and provides point cloud.


Hand-held scanning LiDAR system developed for fast and efficient SLAM scanning.

BL100 Pro

A new, innovative and affordable solution for even better 3D photogrammetric data collection provided by 5 cameras in one body.

Aerial inspections and monitoring

High-resolution visual data and thermal images for determining the state of objects and technology, the electrical transmission system, large-area roofs and transmitters.

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Why choose SKYMOVE

  • Safety in the first place
  • Personal approach
  • High-quality outputs
  • We provide reports of the time worked
  • We handle complete projects
  • A wide spectrum of knowledge, experience and technology
  • We help solve problems

SKYMOVE s.r.o. is a geoinformatics company focused on performing its activities in Slovakia as well as in Europe. Our focus is the creation of a highly accurate database for a wide range of clients in the field of GIS systems, mapping, scanning, passporting, geodesy, data analysis, creation of data management systems and property law topics.

Our team is made up of professionals in their field who live by their work. We prepare documents, analyze the territory from the point of view of property relations, environmental impacts and possible development.

We deliver high-quality outputs in the form of orthophoto maps, geometric plans, projects and 3D models, thermal analyses, multispectral data, bathymetry, geophysics and evaluation of visual inspections.

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