Help with 3D spatial data collection, 5-lens camera
Capacity1280 GB
Efficient pixels120 Mpx
SensorAPS-C (23.5*15.6mm) Sony
Image resolution3:2 (6000 × 4000)
Focal LengthNadir: 25 mm Oblique: 35 mm
Parameters122mm*122mm*105mm, 850g

We are introducing an innovative and affordable solution for even better 3D photogrammetric data collection. The BL100Pro is suitable for aerial surveys and mapping of larger areas, urban as well as rural environments and forests.

The camera is equipped with professional lenses from a Japan company named HOYA.™ Each is rigorously controlled and calibrated with standard calibration parameters for the best results. It supports integration and communication connection with DJI RTK, is technically adapted for drones of the DJI M350 or M300 RTK series, accurately records POS data, increases work efficiency by reducing flight time and provides full-fledged results in the form of high-quality photos.

The camera is equipped with an OLED HD color screen that can display the camera status in real time, including camera body temperature, shutter times used, trigger signal and image number taken from each lens. The camera is enclosed in a lightweight and strong aluminum case for in-flight protection.

  • Use for UAVs from DJI and VTOL
  • Compatible with planning software and controlled via a custom camera assistant
  • Tool for demanding users at an affordable price
  • Provides photos for full, high-quality point cloud in high density and accuracy