Spatial data

We offer the collection of a wide range of spatial data.

We use methods for creating 3D files such as LiDAR technology, scanning and photogrammetry. We also use geophysical georadar-methods, geoelectrical methods, magnetometry and sonars.

We perform vegetation mapping to evaluate plant condition thanks to multispectral data. We prepare datasets for processing bathymetric outputs and bottoms of watercourses and surfaces.

We provide satellite data through partnerships with telco operators and satellite service operators and implement the processing of OpenData and publicly available sources for further work.

Terrain mapping and object scanning

Aerial photogrammetry and drone mapping for 3D models and accurate orthophotomap and DTM.

LiDAR Aerial and Mobile Scanning

Aerial lidar scanning using UAVs, drones and mobile scanning, 360 panoramas and SLAM scanning.

Batymetric measurement of water bodies

Sonar measurement, evaluation and modeling, and green LiDAR laser scanning.

Multispectral data

Spectral mapping of RGB, RE, NIR and NDVI captured for creation of index maps and vegetation analyses.

Satellite data and OpenData

Historical and up-to-date data provided by satellite operators and open source advisory.

Geophysical mapping of terrain

Geophysical surveying and exploration using GPR georadar and geoelectric methods for subsoil interpretation.


We offer comprehensive geodesy and cadastre services.

Pre-realization and poralization measurement, planimetric measurement, passportization and creation of geometric plans. We provide real state measurement, property law services and forensic expertise.

Geodetic measurement for documentation

Pre-realization and post-realization measurement, planimetric and elevation measurement, engineering geodesy and construction supervision.

Measurement of the actual state and project documentation

Measurement, 3D scanning and passporting of the real state of objects and surfaces for the creation of documentation and preparation.

Geometric plans and property law advisory

Consultation, preparation of documentation, surveying and administration of geometric plans and their notations.


We provide advanced services and solve tasks in geoinfomatics.

We interpret obtained digital geodata from the field, perform analyses for decision support systems and digital cartographic systems, prepare outputs for 3D visualization.

Creation of spatial layers for GIS

Preparation of object layers, surface elements and inventory for GIS and databases for future categorization.

Area and spatial analyses and studies

Complete analyses of spatial data, database units and studies for environmental monitoring.

Passportization, vectoring and raster

Processing of vector and raster data and documents, map processing. Interpretation of field measurement for GIS needs.

Tailor-made IT solutions

We provide programming and implementation of web applications.

A strong project team consisting of IT managers, programmers, testers and analysts guarantees timely and full-fledged delivery of tailor-made products in the field of web portals, GIS applications and asset management.

Creation of web GIS portals and applications

Environment set according to the needs and assignment of the project, management of data layers, import of own data and analytical tools.

Website and e-shop development

Websites, individual assignments, for state and local government. Realization of graphic designs, e-shops and galleries.

Development of specific components and systems

Additional specialized components to our GIS system for the most demanding data management tasks.

Thermal inspections

Thanks to modern technology, we also provide thermal data collection services.

Inspections and monitoring of objects, the properties of which should also be evaluated with a thermal sensor. Fast collection, quality data and evaluation of results in one step.

Thermal map creation

Simple and advanced project assignment in the field of GIS, programming and creation of web portals.

Inspection of facilities

Measurement and evaluation of the functionality of solar panels and visual inspection of power grid objects.

Leak monitoring

Thermal and visual inspection of heat leaks on the roofs of halls and inaccessible objects and equipment.


Additional service for our clients but also for new cooperation.

We offer professional photography, video, visualizations, 3D models, graphics and deliver complete outputs. We provide and coordinate the film crew for the complete film and video.

Photography, video and film production

Creation of aerial photos, videos, panoramas, timelapse and hyperlapse shots on demand.

We provide time-lapse monitoring of an ongoing construction for presentation purposes.

Graphic designs and presentation materials

We prepare graphic designs and offer graphic works for all types of assignments, websites and presentation materials.

3D models for visual platforms

We create 3D models for historical and documentation purposes, for visualization and presentation of future projects.


We provide comprehensive and full training in our field.

Comprehensive training and practical exercises for new drone pilots, but also the use of spatial data and cadastre information. We provide consultancy to state institutions, private and non-profit sectors and individual clients who expand their operations.

Comprehensive training of new UAV pilots

Offering training for beginners as well as advanced pilots, legislation and practical exercises in the field.

Training in the field of cadastre

Advanced full-fledged training for users of cadastral information and property and legal topics.

Trainings on the use of spatial data and geodesy

We offer training courses for the preparation, processing and evaluation of spatial data and freely available platforms, geodetic procedures.

Forensic services in the field of geodesy and cadastre

We provide consultations and forensic expertise in the field of geodesy, cadastre and photogrammetric outputs.

Ing. Ondrej Kozlovský

cadastre specialist and forensic expert