About us

We specialize in solving tasks in geodesy, geoinformatics and spatial data collection.

The company was founded with the aim of combining the provision of professional aerial UAV services, geodetic experience, professional awareness and creative thinking into a unique product.

SKYMOVE s.r.o. carries out its activities in Slovakia as well as in Europe. Our focus is on creating a highly accurate data base for a wide range of clients in the field of GIS systems, mapping, scanning, passportization, geodesy, data analysis, creation of data management systems and property law topics.

National Security Office of Slovakia

Skymove meets all the conditions for conducting aerial photography and mapping using drones and unmanned devices. According to Act No. 215/2004 Coll. on the protection of classified information is for the purposes of aerial measurement photography, (mapping, orthophotomapping) and aeronautical remote sensing, which defines Act No. 215/1995 Coll. on geodesy and cartography as amended, must have a valid certificate of industrial security of the National Security Office of Slovakia.

Ministry of Defense of Slovakia

Skymove is delegated by the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic to conduct aerial photography on the basis of a contract. Performing imaging and processing of a measurable image, orthophotomap, which is defined by Act No. 215/1995 Coll. on geodesy and cartography, as amended, is subject to declassification by a representative of the Ministry of Defense of Slovakia. Until the time of declassification, the photographed material is considered classified information. Skymove provides archiving of mapped territory data according to valid legislation.

Geodesy authorization

We hold the license of the Chamber of Surveyors and Cartographers to perform geodetic activities.
Our team includes an authorized surveyor and cartographer, several surveyors and figurants. The expert component in creating analyses is represented by geologists, environmentalists and experts on issues in the given topic.

ISO certificates